Inventory, Purchasing, and Cost Control Management for Restaurants and Bars


Build a Better Bar Program

Bevager is a powerful bar inventory & purchasing management platform that lowers your pour cost, saves you countless hours of labor each month, and provides you with transparency into the total cost of your beverage program. Bevager serves restaurants and bars of all sizes from small to mid-market to enterprise groups.

UNION & Bevager

Sync your daily ticket sales from UNION to Bevager. This integration allows you to run business critical reports for inventory management including cost of goods, depletions, theoretical vs actual inventory, variance for loss prevention, and sales forecasting.

Using Bevager along with UNION Point of Sale gives you unmatched control over your business while greatly reducing labor hours for back-office tasks.

Reduce Labor Hours

Record inventory more accurately and in less time. Let your staff focus on what they do best.

Lower Inventory Costs

Connect directly to UNION to optimize your in-stock inventory based on usage and sales.

​Gain Transparency

Bevager provides greater visibility into your beverage program without extra work or complications.


Bevager works with accountants to simplify invoice management by 50% and eliminates manual AP data entry.

Add Bevager to UNION

Get started by entering your business information below. Please contact with any questions about the integration setup. 

If you would like to speak to someone at Bevager directly, please email Matt Booth at

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