UNION Raises the Bar for Bar & Restaurant Owners

Bar owners across the country are trading in their clunky old POS systems for new and innovative things.

UNION Point of Sale

June 6, 2017
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The bar industry is constantly evolving, and the competition these days is stiffer than the liquor they pour. It all comes down to who can curate the best space and provide the most personalized and memorable experience. To stand out, bar owners look to a variety of differentiators, but from craft to kitsch, almost all strategies aim to connect with their customers. To this end, we set off to find a POS system for bars which could do everything you expect, but also support one simple vision; to help you provide a memorable customer experience. Despite all the options, we couldn’t find a single one.

For venue owners and operators looking for a point of sale, we don’t envy the decision you face.

Picking a new POS is a big deal, but in the end, you’ve already been shoehorned into one of two unappealing options. Behind the blue curtain, we have the old-school POS systems that are expensive, don’t integrate with anything you need and are older than your average customer. On special (for the last decade) is the infamous custom hardware package and cruddy support. Behind the red curtain you have a plethora of tablet-based systems that promise the same benefits for every type of business in a one-size-fits-all package. They are indeed cost-effective, but bar owners have POS needs that are very different from a salon or deli. If you ask for “spooling in offline mode” from any other tablet POS you’ll find they just don’t measure up. At this point, lost opportunity costs become just as important as value-added features.

If you’re feeling less than blown away by point of sale systems, it’s because none of these options are a good fit for your business. In fact, using the wrong POS is like trying to bartend on a Saturday night with one arm tied behind your back. You can do it, sure, but it’s a heck of a lot harder. Put simply, you need a POS that compliments your routine, not one that complicates it. So, after working in the bar industry for almost a decade and growing frustrated with the limitations of both traditional and tablet-based POS systems, we decided to build what was so obviously missing. The result is UNION, a point of sale built just for bars.

UNION is the first tablet-based Point of Sale that is purpose-built for the high-volume bar industry, and while “fewest taps” is the clarion call we based everything on, it’s only the prelude to the bigger picture. UNION POS has built-in CRM to track customers so you can turn walk-ins into regulars with the tap of a finger. It allows you to monitor and manage business performance, inventory, and employee scheduling from the back office or your backyard. And because we’re giving the finger to the whole “P.O.S.” paradigm, we built the most cost-effective, interchangeable and reliable hardware solution paired with the most transparent processing charges in the industry. Stop getting nickel-and-dimed with hardware upsells and opaque processing fees! It’s the old way, and it’s time it went the way of the Dodo.

Evolve or Die

When polled earlier this year about the most pressing issues facing owners and operators of bars, 57% responded that implementing a tablet-based POS is a top priority. The impetus for this shift isn’t just the lower price point — it’s driven by the inherent efficiencies of a tablet-based Point of Sale. When a single screen gives you digestible data on your business and clientele, you start to close the gap created by that short stretch of bar between you and your customer. The smaller that gap, the more customers will return next week to become regulars. If you’re in the bar & nightclub industry, then you know the value of listening to your customers and handcrafting the experiences to suit. You wouldn’t expect them to be happy with option A or option B, so why would you make the same concession when it comes to the technological hub of your business? You wouldn’t!

Tired of a Point of Sales designed for some other business? Take UNION for a test drive today to discover how to make your Point of Sale your new Point of Differentiation.

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