The Lowest Credit Card Processing Rates. Ever.

UNION Point of Sale

February 12, 2019

Across the country, bars have been tossing out their old, antiquated POS machines and replacing them with tablet-based/cloud-based systems. To say we’ve been thrilled to watch the industry rapidly evolve over the past few years is an understatement.

More than anyone, we understand the frustration of venue owners — paying out the a** for slow systems that don’t work they way they should, for low-quality tech support, for mandatory software updates, and of course, for outrageous, unjustifiable credit card processing fees. So, to see that venue owners at least now have more options when it comes to POS systems makes us hopeful that the industry is finally moving in the right direction.

When it comes to those crummy credit card processing rates, most venue owners we’ve spoken to still feel like the “deal” they got wasn’t much of a deal at all, and they’re right. We understand that processors go-to game will always be to tell you that they’re getting you the best deal on the market. And often times, after much negotiation, you ARE left with a fairly decent deal. On average, high-volume bars and restaurants are paying anywhere from $4,500 – $12,000 annually to process card payments. The few paying closer to $4,500 either had some negotiating power under their belt, or just happened to strike a deal on a day when luck was on their side.

Now, to the point. A stand-alone bar may not have much-negotiating power, but guess what? A collective of bars could command much more competitive rates. Here at UNION POS, we’re serious about leading this “POS Revolution”, and to prove it, we’ve not only built the best POS on the planet; we’ve also eliminated the need for bars to shop for a processing company on their own. UNION POS represents such a high volume of bars that our credit card processor couldn’t turn down our demand for fairer rates….MUCH fairer rates. See for yourself.

No matter their monthly card sales volume, each and every UNION customer gets our transparent, cost-plus pricing model that ends up saving them more than they’d ever imagined possible: Credit card base fee + 5 basis points + $0.05 per transaction. No more wondering if you can get a cheaper rate – we’re giving you the cheapest rate, right out the gate.


Big changes are currently being made to payment security standards and requirements that could affect bars and restaurants across the nation. Requirements that have been standard in the industry will no longer be compliant, such as SSL encryption. What that means for you is that you may be looking at a costly security upgrade to your current POS system, even if it’s brand new.

Breathe. Here’s the good news: Not EVERYONE will be affected by this. UNION POS hardware, software, and payment technology are all 100% compliant with the new 2018 PCI rules. We stay ahead of the game, and always at NO cost to you.

Get on board and join the revolution today!

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