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Introduce your merchants to the point of sale built for high-volume hospitality.

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One Perfect Package. NO BS.

Meet the point of sale built for the 21st century.

3 second card dip

Start or close a tab in just 3 seconds with the dip of a card. ​

Know Every Customer

See a customer’s top favorite items & staff notes on the screen with a swipe or dip of a card.​

Customize On-The-Fly

Make menu & pricing changes from your mobile phone and voila! Every POS updates in seconds.​

Mobile Payments

Allow customers to check out on their phones. Gain customer loyalty and save the planet with the UNION Tab mobile app.

Faster & More Secure

Local area & cloud backup means no lag time. Work quickly even when the Internet is down.

Modern Reporting

Customize any report and view them on any browser. Say “bye bye” to back-of-house servers.​

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