Product Features

Your point of sale should complement your hard work, not complicate it. Don’t settle for hulking old-school solutions or flashy cookie-cutter tablet solutions that fail you on busy nights.

UNION is a reliably fast POS designed to handle high-touch, high-volume venues, by people who know the hospitality industry best.

2 second dip to open

Start or close a tab in under 3 seconds with the dip of a card, with full EMV protection.

Know every customer

See a customer’s top favorite items & staff notes on the screen with a swipe or dip of a card.

Mobile Payments

Shorter wait times for customers. Get an email for every person who uses the app. Save the planet!

On-the-fly customization

Make menu & pricing changes from your mobile phone and voila! Every POS updates in seconds.

Lightning Fast, Secure & Safe

Local area & cloud backup means no lag time. Work quickly even when Internet is down.

Reports. The Way You Want

Customize any report and view them on any browser. Say “bye bye” to back-of-house servers.


You might run a lean operation and be committed to working smarter, but good decisions can only come from good information. Discover how our useful tools and data can become valuable additions to your team.
“If UNION were a person, I’d describe him/her as ‘All-Knowing.'”
Shabawn Espili
Co-owner, Whisky Tango Foxtrot Icehouse

The Smartest Manager Portal

To make sure your shifts run smoothly, venue owners and managers have to stay on top of the details. To keep your finger on the pulse of your business, UNION provides a powerful, highly customizable and user-friendly manager portal that you can access from anywhere, on any device.

Work faster and make informed business decisions by having the right data and tools at your fingertips.

"My bartenders love how fast UNION is. And if managers need to add a button, we can add it in seconds. We don’t have to take time to restart the system.”
Alan Hernandez
General Manager, Eastside Tavern

Mobile Payments with TabbedOut

TabbedOut works exclusively on UNION Point of Sale, offering bars and restaurants the ability to successfully connect with customers like never before.

TabbedOut also partners with the biggest beverage brands in the business to provide your customers with instant rewards on drinks they love, so you can drive sales and always give people a reason to stop by.

“UNION is probably the easiest part of my day right now. So simple… I love it.”
Chase Hunter
Owner, The Local Pub & Patio

Join the Revolution

Craft great experiences and know every customer with UNION – the easiest, smartest and most cost-effective POS on the planet.

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