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Offer your merchants the easiest, smartest and most cost-effective bar and restaurant POS on the planet.

UNION outperforms any other POS system with secure EMV dip-to-open in 2.5 seconds, a robust customer profile system, an offline mode that doesn’t miss a beat, incredible 24/7 free customer support, and tons more under the hood.

Here we offer you the tools you need to effectively sell UNION. This resource page will be updated regularly to include all available sales material such as product overview, pricing/incentive details, promotional leave-behinds, and demo content.

Built on Experience

UNION is a POS platform designed by high volume hospitality owners and built by developers with decades of POS experience.

Free Live 24/7 Support

UNION offers 24/7 year-round phone and email support for your merchants. - One of the biggest differentiators in the industry,

Fast & Reliable

Lightning fast, easily customizable and uninterrupted by network outages, UNION is perfect for busy locations.

How to get your merchants on UNION

1. Schedule A Merchant Demo

If you’ve got a merchant that is looking for a new POS, or you think they could benefit from the power of UNION, please submit a demo request below. Keep in mind, UNION was developed from the ground-up specifically for high-volume hospitality, and we do not currently have the flexibility to serve other types of markets.

Before booking a demo, please review the following qualifications for UNION customers.

2. UNION Conducts Merchant Demo

Once you submit a qualifying demo request, a UNION representative will quickly reach out to you to book a time that works for you and your merchant. Our sales representatives are well-versed in our product, and will be able to answer any questions that a merchant may have about how it will fit into their service model. However, it is extremely important that you allow us to demo the product fully before adding pricing information to the conversation. 

We require that you are present for the demo to answer any card processing related questions, as we are not qualified to answer on your behalf in this setting.

3. UNION Onboards Your Venue

Once we close the deal for you, we will handle all operations steps including network assessment, installation, and all correspondence with the venue regarding UNION. 

Please be available to answer any questions and facilitate the process for setting up a merchant account for credit cards. 

Download UNION Merchant Agreement

When you have made agreements with all parties involved, please download and fill out the UNION Merchant Agreement. 

This document is important to move the contract directly to the UNION operations team so we can get you installed as quickly and seamlessly as possible.  

Download UNION Pricing Sheet

This pricing sheet includes all software and hardware available from UNION. 

Suggested monthly software pricing is $69/mo.

Submit Demo Request BELOW

If you have a merchant that you want to book a live UNION demo with, please use the form below to schedule a time for us to meet. Please include your name, as well as the merchant you would like to demo. 

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Union Contact Info

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding your UNION/Reseller relationship. 

EPSG – unionpos@goepsg.com
Jeffrey Sanders – (973)-600-4700-  jeffrey@union-pos.com

Michael Messina – michael@union-pos.com

Colby Cochran – colby@union-pos.com

Free Tech Support for UNION Merchants (24/7):
(855) 384-6839 | support@union-pos.com

Install/Operations Support:
Kristi Sykora – ops@union-pos.com