Your work routine is just as unique as your bar, so don’t change your recipe for success just to accommodate your POS. UNION offers a wide range of intuitive features designed to adapt to your style and eliminate hassle:


Custom “Fast Bar” screen: Make life easier on your staff by putting all your most commonly ordered items on one screen.

Smart Menu Item Modifiers: No more scrolling through menus to find add-ons & modifiers. Just choose a menu item and all related modifiers will appear to easily customize your order.

Build Your Own VIP Program: Set “VIP” criteria based on “number of visits”, “average spend” or both

Customer Notes: Leave comments about each customer in order to better serve them or to notify the staff of info about that guest

Smart-Rounding: Speed up cash transactions by no longer having to count customer’s nickels & pennies

“I think one of our favorite things about UNION is that if you do create a mistake, which happens all the time, it’s very easy to fix. You don’t have to go through 13 different steps and enter 13 different manager codes like you would do with other systems. This one, it’s 2 touches and you’re done. The error is fixed and you go back to serving drinks and serving tables.” Alan Hernandez

General Manager, Eastside Tavern


UNION is designed to improve accountability by noting every change made to tabs. Now you have the ability to serve any customer in your bar without worrying about confusing tab histories, employee shenanigans, or time-consuming tab splitting. We’ve used technology to your benefit:

  • See employee initials by each ordered item
  • Get auto-generated tab names with the swipe of a customer’s credit card
  • Split tabs within seconds by items ordered or by number of guests
  • Be alerted when a server or bartender requests a comp, void or spill


Take advantage of having the best business tools at your fingertips. Let our platform go to work for you!