We know your world grinds to a panic-inducing halt the moment the POS goes down. To really move the industry forward, we knew we needed to present the market with a full-proof, more sophisticated solution that provides consistent speed, no delays, no freezes and a backup of all POS tabs/payment info. 
With UNION, your business never has to stop and your staff will never be at the mercy of your network. 
Pick up where you left off

If one terminal freezes, glitches or gets shut off accidentally while placing an order, you can simply hop to another screen to pick up where you left off.

Order items on the same tab from different screens

If you have multiple guests ordering on the same tab from various bartenders at once, your bartenders will be able to update that tab simultaneously.

No more delays

You won’t have to turn on/off the machine to resolve freezes or glitches. Simply close the UNION app and restart it, just like how you would any other app on an Apple device.

Here’s how UNION does things differently:

  • Each UNION terminal/tablet has it’s own local database as well as a main, central database. This means a faster POS with no lag-time.
  • UNION has peer-to-peer replication capabilities between terminals to assure that even if the network is down, you can continue business as usual: run credit cards, print, and view all tabs on all terminals.
  • In “offline mode”, all payment information will be held on the database until the main network is back up, so that once it is, payments will be processed without having to re-run credit cards.