We know your world grinds to a panic-inducing halt the moment the POS goes down, so when designing our POS, we put a lot of time into building redundancies within redundancies to prevent that from even happening. With UNION, all payment and tab data is replicated between terminals and stored locally so that even if your main network is temporarily down, you’ll still be in business.

Let’s say you break one of your iPads… no sweat! Since all POS data is present on every terminal, you can simply hop from one screen to another to pick up where you left off.


Next time your ISP drops the ball, you might not even notice! How’s that for reliability?


By now, you’re probably aware that there are two types of systems on the market right now: server-based systems and cloud-based systems. Although cloud-based systems have proven to have several advantages over the others, neither are completely reliable.

With UNION, you don’t have to depend on a big server in the back office to be working properly, nor do you have to worry about internet speed affecting business operations during rush times.

We knew that if we were going to truly move the industry forward and in a whole new direction, we needed to present the market with a full-proof, more sophisticated solution that provides consistent speed, fewer delays, no freezes and a backup of all POS tabs/payment info. That way, business never has to stop and your staff is never at the mercy of your network. To put it in more technical terms…

  • Each terminal/tablet has its own local database, as well as a main, central database. This means a faster POS with no lag-time.
  • Peer-to-peer replication between terminals ensures that even if the main network is down, you can continue business as usual: run credit cards, print, and view all tabs on all terminals.
  • Spooling mode will hold all payment information on the database until the network is back up so that once it is, payments will be processed without having to re-run credit cards.

“I hope you know any other system we go with [for our bars] will be UNION. No question, the system has been great and service has been awesome.”

Matt Carter

Owner, Eastside Tavern