After a long shift of dealing with demanding customers and juggling bar tasks, the last thing a bartender wants to do is to sit at the POS in a dark bar and close out tabs one by one. Give employees a much-needed break and let them get through close-out duties in half the time by switching to UNION. We make entering tips, closing checks and checking out so easy, you might even call it “fun”.

  • Close Out All Walked Tabs at once: Save a ton of time (and headache) at the end of shifts with UNION’s “Batch Close Walked Tabs” feature
  • Enter tips faster than ever by using our column toggles to quickly find tabs
  • Approve all pending spills in a flash on our Spill Tab screen
  • Checkout and running End-Of-Day is made easy with a convenient 4-step process

“UNION is probably the easiest part of my day right now… I love it.”

Chase Hunter

Owner, The Local Pub & Patio