Every bar and restaurant has their unique challenges and operating methods, and you deserve a point of sale that’s equally tailored to your needs. UNION POS is the only iPad-based point of sale system exclusively built for high-volume, high-touch venues.

Our POS isn’t just a better solution; it’s a call for revolution against all the bad solutions out there. Don’t take our word for it – read what our clients have to say.

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“I’ve been an absolute fan of UNION since we switched over from Aloha at the beginning of May this year. It’s been a pleasure working with UNION since the day of installation at PizzaBeach to ongoing tailored updates/new features to their dedicated 24/7 support team.

They’re an absolute machine and they truly care about their customers which coupled with a with a top class product is the main reason I asked to join the team. “

Sam Houston

General Manager, Pizza Beach - New York City

“My bartenders love how fast it [UNION] is. And if managers need to add a button, we can add it in seconds. We don’t have to take time to restart the system.” Alan Hernandez

General Manager, Eastside Tavern

“I love UNION! Everyone at UNION has been great and super attentive when I have questions. My favorite feature is the Loyalty, VIP feature.Chelsea Thomas

General Manager, Moonfire Lounge

“That was the smoothest [POS] install I’ve ever had. You have a great team.” Michael Dickson

Owner, Native Hostel

“UNION is probably the easiest part of my day right now. So simple… I love it.” Chase Hunter

Owner, The Local Pub & Patio

“If it [UNION] were a person, I’d describe him/her as ‘All-Knowing.'” SHABAWN ESPILI


“As a new Cocktail Bar here in Austin, TX, Academia was in need of a POS system that could not only handle the shear amount of products that we carry but also the volume without fail or slowing down. UNION does that and more. The best part about UNION is the quick response from customer support but also the relationship that the entire company builds with your business. From CEO Alex to CJ and Mia. This is a great team with a great product and great/friendly customer support. We’ve been in business with UNION for 4 months now and we couldn’t be happier with our decision! ” Chris Daus

Owner/Operator , Academia in Austin, TX

“After I put Toast in, my sales dropped by 20%. After 1 week with UNION my sales are back up to normal and then some.” Mike

Owner , The Next Door

“I hope you know any other system we go with [for our bars] will be UNION. No question, the system has been great and service has been awesome.” Matt Carter

Owner, Eastside Tavern

“Union has an amazing point of sale system – lighting fast, intuitive interface, incredible customer service and the cheapest transaction fees on the market. What more could you want?” William B.

Owner, Garage Bar

“So happy to announce [the transition to UNION] was smooth… Thanks for the great support.” Julia Renfro

Owner, Tavern on Main

“This system [UNION] is dope as f***.” Huy Le

Lead Bartender, Moonfire Lounge

“After nearly 25 years of service, we ‘retired’ our trusty cash registers for a new UNION Point of Sale system. Really like it.” Joe Austin

Owner, Live Wire

“This portal is the easiest system I’ve ever used” Darya

Owner, Pizza Beach NYC

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