We know your world grinds to a panic-inducing halt the moment the POS goes down. To really move the industry forward, we knew we needed to present the market with a full-proof, more sophisticated solution that provides consistent speed, no delays, no freezes and a backup of all POS tabs/payment info. 
With UNION, your business never has to stop and your staff will never be at the mercy of your network. 
Pick up where you left off

If one terminal freezes, glitches or gets shut off accidentally while placing an order, you can simply hop to another screen to pick up where you left off.

Order items on the same tab from different screens

If you have multiple guests ordering on the same tab from various bartenders at once, your bartenders will be able to update that tab simultaneously.

No more delays

You won’t have to turn on/off the machine to resolve freezes or glitches. Simply close the UNION app and restart it, just like how you would any other app on an Apple device.

Here’s how UNION does things differently:

  • Each UNION terminal/tablet has it’s own local database as well as a main, central database. This means a faster POS with no lag-time.
  • UNION has peer-to-peer replication capabilities between terminals to assure that even if the network is down, you can continue business as usual: run credit cards, print, and view all tabs on all terminals.
  • In “offline mode”, all payment information will be held on the database until the main network is back up, so that once it is, payments will be processed without having to re-run credit cards.




When we set out to build the fastest, most intuitive, user-friendly POS on the planet, we didn’t just have bartenders in mind… We also built an equally awesome backend portal for managers and owners so that they could easily keep their finger on the pulse of their business at all times. With UNION, scheduling, reporting, item management, and POS functionality can all be easily managed from wherever you are, as long as you have internet connection.

To show you just how simple it is, take a look at UNION’s Pricing Events Scheduler. You can schedule happy hour and special event pricing for the week, month or year, just as easy as adding an event to your mobile calendar. Click Here For A Quick Video Tour.

With UNION Pricing Events, you get:

– A full calendar view of events by the day, week, month or agenda

– View and schedule from your phone, tablet or PC

– Schedule a pricing event in less than a minute, with just a few steps

This holiday season, give yourself and your nerves a much-needed break by switching to UNION. We’ll make your job so easy, you will have wondered why you didn’t switch sooner.



We get how important it is to make sure your business is bringing in new customers, regularly. We also get that it’s equally as important to get new customers to come back after their first visit. To help in that challenge, UNION offers something no other POS on the market offers: a customer profile on the POS that displays customer notes, favorites and historical stats as soon as you swipe their credit card.

The more you know about your customers, the more opportunities you have to boost revenue AND customer satisfaction. Our data shows that on average, your “regulars” (those who have visited 5+ times over the past 2 months) make up less than 5% of your total customers but account for over 20% of your sales.

So imagine if you could raise that 5% to 10% or 15%? Our real-time Customer Loyalty feature will allow you to instantly recognize return customers and VIPs alike so you can make this a reality. With the swipe of a return-customers credit card, you will see:

  • Customer name
  • Their favorite items
  • The last time they visited
  • How often they visit weekly/monthly
  • Staff notes about that customer

Let our platform go to work for your business.


UNION POS officially launched this past weekend. To celebrate, our team hosted a launch party at what happened to be UNION’s beta location, Eastside Tavern in Austin, TX. Among attendees were local bar owners, bartenders, and other service industry folks. No matter which bar service industry people work for, almost all have one thing in common… they hate the POS at their bar.

After a decade of frustration working with nearly every old school POS in the country, we decided it was time for someone to change the game. Our team assembled owners, GM’s, and servers from the bar & nightclub industry, and listened to their needs. Then, we locked our developers in a room for two years to build something that would completely revolutionize the industry.

Now that the wait is over, we invited these hard working service industry folks to join the POS Revolution by taking a bat to their slow, bulky, antiquated POS systems… and they did. BIG CONGRATS to Grant Coxon from The Dunlap Group for winning our POS Smashing Competition: 3 UNION POS terminals + 1 year free subscription! And HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out and celebrated with us.

…And HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out and celebrated with us. We appreciate the support!


Across the country, bars have been tossing out their old, antiquated POS machines and replacing them with tablet-based/cloud-based systems. To say we’ve been thrilled to watch the industry rapidly evolve over the past few years is an understatement. More than anyone, we understand the frustration of venue owners — paying out the a** for slow systems that don’t work they way they should, for low-quality tech support, for mandatory software updates, and of course, for outrageous, unjustifiable credit card processing fees. So, to see that venue owners at least now have more options when it comes to POS systems makes us hopeful that the industry is finally moving in the right direction.

When it comes to those crummy credit card processing rates, most venue owners we’ve spoken to still feel like the “deal” they got wasn’t much of a deal at all, and they’re right. We understand that processors go-to game will always be to tell you that they’re getting you the best deal on the market. And often times, after much negotiation, you ARE left with a fairly decent deal. On average, high-volume bars are paying anywhere from $4,500 – $12,000 annually to process card payments. The few paying closer to $4,500 either had some negotiating power under their belt or just happened to strike a deal on a day when luck was on their side.

Now, to the point. A stand-alone bar may not have much-negotiating power, but guess what? A collective of bars could command much more competitive rates. Here at UNION POS, we’re serious about leading this “POS Revolution”, and to prove it, we’ve not only built the best POS on the planet; we’ve also eliminated the need for bars to shop for a processing company on their own. UNION POS represents such a high volume of bars that our credit card processor couldn’t turn down our demand for fairer rates….MUCH fairer rates. See for yourself.

No matter their monthly card sales volume, each and every UNION customer gets our transparent, cost-plus pricing model that ends up saving them more than they’d ever imagined possible: Credit card base fee + 5 basis points + $0.05 per transaction. No more wondering if you can get a cheaper rate – we’re giving you the cheapest rate, right out the gate.

A Few Other Things We’ve Taken Care For You

Big changes are currently being made to payment security standards and requirements that could affect bars and restaurants across the nation. Requirements that have been standard in the industry will no longer be compliant, such as SSL encryption. What that means for you is that you may be looking at a costly security upgrade to your current POS system, even if it’s brand new.

Breathe. Here’s the good news: Not EVERYONE will be affected by this. UNION POS hardware, software, and payment technology are all 100% compliant with the new 2018 PCI rules. We stay ahead of the game, and always at NO cost to you.

Get on board and join the revolution today!