Point of sale companies have debilitated the hospitality industry for the entirety of their existence. Whether you’ve managed a bar for two weeks or two decades, your suspicion that the “bargain” your POS provider sold you was too good to be true has been confirmed – and it turns out that POS stood for Piece of Shit all along. 

For the most part, bar owners have been taken advantage of across the drink-pouring map. We’ve seen and experienced the abuse for ourselves, after 10 years of working closely with bars, and we finally decided that enough was enough. It’s time bars stopped being kicked to the curb.

A recent survey of a large group of veteran bar owners and managers helped us narrow down the top 3 pain-points that bars have with their POS systems.

Pour yourself something cold from the tap, and take a read of our findings, and how UNION is flipping the POS industry on its head to give bars what actually need:

Pain-point #3: POS Hardware… that should have gone out with yesterday’s trash.

Most POS systems used in bars and restaurants were not designed to cater to their needs. They seldom evolve to keep up with the times, require an unintuitive number of clicks to place orders and adjust tabs, and clutter a bar’s counter-space with their bulky hardware.   

At UNION, we’ve brought the POS industry into the 21st century. Our package doesn’t just include the slick iPads and top-tier software that we provide you at the time of your order. UNION customers also receive regular software updates that improve our already-awesome performance and add new features to your bar’s POS toolbox. Oh, did we mention all those updates are free?

Pain-point #2: Tech Support… that leads you to drink.

Several managers we surveyed recalled nightmare situations when their POS went down just as they were trying to clear out their bar at the end of the night. When basic troubleshooting techniques didn’t solve the glitch, these bar owners had to call the zero-help service that POS providers have the gall to call a “support line”.

Sound familiar?

It’s appalling to learn how little POS support staff know about their own product, but it’s a whole new level of pain when that half-ass support call shows up on the next month’s invoice as an additional cost. Some might call it paying for pain. When it comes to troubleshooting their software problems, bar owners are almost better off on their own.

Merchants told us that they’d be happy to pay for a low cost, 24/7 support service if the person on the other line actually knew his or her own software. So we listened. Any time of day, every day of the year, UNION POS experts provide complimentary, quality, live phone support to our customers.

Pain-point #1: Credit Card Processing Fees… that make you feel like someone’s running away with your register.

We all know that most credit card processing companies make a killing off bar/restaurant owners. What we didn’t know was how much merchants were actually shelling out per transaction… yes, the numbers were jaw-dropping. From those we surveyed, we found that only a few merchants seemed to negotiate a decent deal for themselves. The other took what they thought was the best deal.

A stand-alone bar may not have much negotiating power, but a collective of bars commands incredible rates for top of the line services… that’s where UNION stepped in. We represent such a high volume of bars that our credit card processor couldn’t turn down our demand for fairer rates.

Not only did we negotiate unbeatable rates for our merchants, we also eliminated the need for bars to shop for a processing company on their own. Better costs, fewer hassles. Done.  

The POS revolution has already begun. Consider this your official invitation to better performance, lower costs, and a team that fights for the success of your bar. Cheers!